A CRM Consultant trains and employs Coeur d'Alene Tribal members interested
    in cultural resource management Projects within their aboriginal territory and the
    northwest; facilitating with pedestrian survey, GIS mapping, shovel testing, etc.

    A CRM Consultant teams with an associate archaeologist and an architectural
    historian on an as needed basis. A CRM Consultant is starting to develop a
    network of agency contacts, informants, and subcontractors sometimes needed
    to facilitate specific cultural resource project activities.

    Jennifer DeRose, Principal Investigator
    Jennifer DeRose M.A., R.P.A., has nearly 15-years of professional cultural
    resource management experience working within the Plateau cultural region of
    North America. Jennifer possesses an M.A. in Anthropology (2006) from the
    University of Idaho.  Her ethno-archaeological research resulted in a
    compendium on the traditional use, lore, knowledge, significance, and
    preservation value of culturally modified trees to the Schitsu’umsh                
    (Coeur d’Alene) Tribe. She obtained two B.S. degrees (Anthropology &
    Environmental Studies) in 2001 from the University of Utah. She is also a 2001
    cadet sergeant honors graduate of the Army Reserves Officer Training Corps

    Jennifer has been a Principal Investigator (archaeologist) for one-decade. Prior to
    forming A CRM Consultant, she worked for the Coeur d'Alene Tribe (Lake Mgmt.
    Dept.) as a Cultural Resource Program Manager from 2009 to 2016. From 2006-
    2009 Jennifer was a full time employed associate archaeologist and from  2004-
    2006 she was employed as an on-call culture tech for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe's
    Culture Department as well as a Teaching Assistant and archaeological field
    crew member for the University of Idahos Anthropology Department.

    Jennifer completed an archaeology and geomorphology Great Basin field school
    from the University of Utah in 2000. Subsequently, she received ethnographic
    collections training from the Utah Museum of Natural History (UMNH) in 2001.
    She obtained novice certification in paleontology (field / lab / teaching experience)
    from the Utah Friends of Paleontology (UFOP) in 2001. During the summers
    Jennifer participated in exchange programs working with a Navajo (Dine’) family,
    the Nature Conservancy, and Life Care. She completed an herbarium / ecology
    internship with the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and Sequoia and
    Kings Canyon National Park.

    Jennifer has been hazwoper, cpr, first aid, mine safety, and ICP certified to
    conduct cultural resource investigation project activities for CERCLA superfund
    clean-up activities. She also has a Class A drivers license, semi-truck driving
    experience, Idaho boaters certification with six years experience, K-12/ college
    teaching experience, western riding experience, zoo aid and animal lab
    experience, garden/ landscape experience, wilderness survival experience, rifle
    and archery marksmanship experience, etc. She is currently facilitating
    collections activities at the Northwest Tattoo Museum.
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