Cultural Resource Management Services

  • Project Consultation Design & Planning
  • SHPO & Tribal Project Scope Consultation
       ARPA Permits / Research Design
  • Historic / Archive / Ethnographic Documents Review
       State File Sites & Reports Record Search
  • Oral History Interviews / Transcriptions
  • Archaeological Survey / Landscape / Environmental
  • GIS Data Collection / Geodatabase / Spatial Mapping
  • Archaeological Testing / Data Recovery
  • Artifact Identification / Analysis
  • Cultural Resource Investigation Technical Report
         Archaeological & Historic Site Inventory forms
        Determination of Eligibility Statements
        National Register Nominations
  • Archaeological Monitoring for Construction
         Short letter reports
  • Supplemental / Mitigation Activities
         Curation / Housing / Collections Management
        Illustrations / Graphics
        Catalog Inventory
         Memorandum of Agreement
        Catalog Database Build
       Creative Mitigation Strategies
        Project Management Coordination
        Inter-agency Project Coordination
        Traditional Cultural Properties Inventory / Report
        Cultural Resource Management Plans
        Unanticipated Discovery Plans
        Legal Site Damage Assessments
         Interpretive Signs
           Brochures  Pamphlets
           Land Use Summaries & Maps

  • Tribal Historic Preservation Office Assistance
  • Archaeological Investigations
  • Ethnographic Methods / Oral History Reporting
  • Traditional Cultural Properties
         Geodatabase and Database Builds
        Documents Research / Oral History
        Reporting / Nominations
  • Repository Federal Certification
         Repository Facilities Upgrades
        Collections & Facility Management
        Catalog Inventory Records Management
        Database Inventory Builds
        Collections Inventory
        Collections Survey Reports
        Collection Inspection Reports
  • Curriculum / Lessons on History & Material Culture
  • Law Enforcement ARPA Training
  • Patrol & Monitor Methods
  • Interpretive & Legal Handbooks, Brochures
  • Cultural Resource Protection Signs
  • Brochures / Pamphlets
  • Museum Quality Exhibits

  • Project Background & Documents Review
  • Short Summary Report
  • Tribal Solicitation
  • Collections Preparation
  • Inter-agency Consultation
  • Inadvertent Discovery Plan

  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Documentation
  • Environmental Assessment (EA) Documentation
  • Adverse Effects Statements/ Determinations
National Historic Preservation Act Sec. 106
EO 05-05, SEPA, Federal Transp. 4(f)
Dept. of Interior National Park Service &
Bureau of Indian Affairs- Federal Guidelines
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)/
NHPA Section 106
Native American Graves Protection
Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)
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